Anthony Monfet

the scammer from Alabama

The true story of Anthony Monfet

the well known scammer from Alabama

This website is lovingly dedicated to all the people who were deceived by Anthony Monfet. We've set it up as a one-stop information source about the man. The kind of information we wish we had before we made our big mistake.  

Our goals are to:

  1. Provide food for thought for people who are debating whether to use his "services"

  2. Document his frauds

  3. Expose the lies and fake information in his self-presentation

  4. Trace the frequent changes he makes to his personal details trying to make it hard for people to locate him

We were scammed  by Anthony Monfet !! We want to warn potential future victims of fraud.

Here is a simple illustration of the unbearable ease with which Anthony presents misinformation, knowing or assuming no one will bother to check it out. You are now visiting a site Anthony presents as his website, on his Linkedin profile, social media and press releases, although he is not its owner (see Fake self-presentation).

You've probably come to visit this site because you're wondering: Is Anthony Monfet legit or is he a scam? Should I pay for expensive coaching or consulting services? Well, our answer is: make your own decision.

Just keep in mind you might end up broke.

Tip: Never pay by wire transfer and never, ever, pay through Western Union. Don't pay a single penny before you receive a real invoice with a verified address and phone number

The information on this site is based on testimonies of people from all over the world who were ripped off by Anthony Roland Monfet. A few of them have won  lawsuits against him but haven't gotten their money back yet. While the vast majority didn't even try to sue him due to high costs and because they live outside the USA. Or they are quite far from Anthony's state of legal residence (which he tends to change frequently) within the USA.
These are testimonies from real people who have written reviews and reported abuse on Udemy's website in real-time.    

The content shown here is also a record of online information being researched and gathered at a great deal of work, just before it mysteriously disappears from search engine results. The images are documenting information we found on various sites - some of which are no longer available - and provide references to additional online information.

Anthony tends to deny the Ripoff reports about him. Don’t you get confused: these are testimonies from real people who have written reviews and reported abuse on Udemy's website in real-time (2016-2018). Unfortunately, it took Udemy over a year to delete Anthony's account and stop selling his courses, thereby increasing the list of scammed victims.

Tip: check on Google maps the exact location of the residence he claims to be his address. You might find out it is just a commercial center. Call the phone number he gives you, and be sure to hear his voice. You might find out it's someone else's phone

Here's the never-ending story of a worldwide fraud , rip off, scam (you name it) by Anthony Roland Monfet.

Our lesson: there are no free meals neither shortcuts to get rich 
Believe us, we've learned it the hardest and most expensive way.

May the readers read and judge


When we set up this site less than a year ago (SEP 2019), we predicted that some of the information would disappear from the web and wrote that we wouldn't be surprised if that happened. This is why we took as many screenshots as we could.


As of early July 2020 we find that much of the information has disappeared. Two of Anthony's Twitter accounts are gone, his LinkedIn account is gone (the one where he introduced himself as a business development manager at Twitter and Rakuten). Some of the links in our site are either directing to non-existent pages (404), or redirecting to a completely different address. Same goes for links displayed on search engine results.


Anthony seems to be trying to hide the public information about him. 
The documentation on this site now seems to be more important than ever, for anyone who wants to check if the man is legit or a cheater.


Message for the reader Anthony Monfet:
Please look at the cartoon in our epilogue
Yep, sometimes luck is over...

beware of the free consulting program that anthony monfet posts on his facebook group and elsewhere

Beware of free consulting program