SIFI STOCKS - Options Boot Camp - Tony Marcano - SCAMMER Anthony Monfet

Let's start the count down until

1. This Linkedin profile is removed or changed

2. Fresh ripoff reports show up in the internet

Starting at Christmas 2020

Anthony Monfet posing as Tony Marcano on YouTube, presents options boot camp. Caution guys! Read the beginner's guide to potential fraud before you lose money !!

To read the true story of Anthony Monfet / Tony Marcano 

It's still christmas...

The Linkedin profile is no longer available as well as videos on his YouTube channel. His site and logo have changed. Boy, that was swift :)

Let's start the count down again :)

Anthony Monfet - Fake Profiles

How fast he moved from South Carolina to New York. LOL

Holidays are over... It's 2021

The internet is flooded with new press releases : SIFI Stocks Helping People Gain Financial Independence with Their Options Boot Camp Course in Options Trading.

Would you buy a course from someone who steals someone else's content ?

Would you pay someone who doesn't bother to create their own fresh content? Someone who infringes copyright?

Let's count down until these new videos disappear too