SIFI STOCKS - Options Boot Camp - Tony Marcano - SCAMMER Anthony Monfet

Let's start the count down until

1. This Linkedin profile is removed or changed

2. Fresh ripoff reports show up in the internet

Starting at Christmas 2020

Anthony Monfet posing as Tony Marcano on YouTube, presents options boot camp. Caution guys!
Learn from the expert about scams to avoid when selling on line before you lose money !!

To read the true story of Anthony Monfet / Tony Marcano 

It's still christmas...

The Linkedin profile is no longer available as well as videos on his YouTube channel. His site and logo have changed. Boy, that was swift :)

Let's start the count down again :)

Anthony Monfet - Fake Profiles

How fast he moved from South Carolina to New York. LOL

Holidays are over... It's 2021

The internet is flooded with new press releases : SIFI Stocks Helping People Gain Financial Independence with Their Options Boot Camp Course in Options Trading. 

Would you buy a course from someone who steals someone else's content ?

Would you pay someone who doesn't bother to create their own fresh content? Someone who infringes copyright?

Let's count down until these new videos disappear too

It's St. Patrick's Day 2021...

One of these videos has been taken down from his YouTube channel, but there's still other that infringes copyright...

Happy St. Patty's Day to Anthony Monfet, who regularly visits our website and takes immediate action to clear info whenever we post new stuff.

Note that his Facebook profile has been completely cleared. There's no mention of his experience with E-Commerce as well as with eBay/Amazon. He even omitted his service in the U.S. Army which he's so proud of.


The $8 million "millionaire" turned out to be a delivery man

SIFI Stocks' social media followers, have you ever wondered why "Tony" shoots so many videos while driving? Where does he drive to every day? Maybe the answer's here...

Does the address on the map look familiar?
That's right, that's Anthony Monfet's address in Huntsville, Alabama.

Do the next-door neighbors know that their kind rocket city shopper is a modest "millionaire"? Or an impostor ?

First off, we're happy he has a decent job for a change. Maybe he'll finally return the money he owes to so many people.

With that said, we wonder: why would an $8 million millionaire need a side hustle? Why would a financial independence "teacher" need to work so many hours away from home? Isn't he financially independent?


BTW, don't bother to browse It doesn't exist just like so many other sites he has posted over the last few years. You can still search this domain on Google images, to view remnants of this site. (It's 3 days later now, the images are gone. So predictable...).

Happy Easter 2021

The furious "millionaire" 

Right before St. Patrick's Day Anthony launched a new TikTok account: @patrioticconservative. As usual, he did not bother to come up with an original name, so he chose the name of an existing group (with an At Symbol(@) that is identical to their Instagram symbol). The profile picture is a US flag with the text: Trump 2024. In his videos he expresses his opinion , in blunt and dismissive language, against the current administration, against wearing masks, against gun control, against Mexican migrants crossing U.S. border, denies Asian hate as well as racism in general.

Ironically, the man is using TikTok - the app that loser president Trump has failed to ban. The fanatical Trump fan ignores Trump's warnings about TikTok when it comes to his personal benefit and uses it for both accounts: SIFI Stocks and patriotic conservative.

Ironically enough his "patriotic" account was banned by Tiktok two weeks later.

Here's a short audio recording of one of his videos. We've no intention to echo his ideology here, so we chose a relatively moderate video that is a sample of his blunt style. We put it here as a service for the community, just so you can be impressed by the fury , the temperament and speaking style of the man who claims to be a mentor, regardless of any political position. Just count how many times he uses the word "fuck" / "fucking" and notice other "goodies" like "asshole","piece of shit" ...


We're just curious how many of his followers / students / next door clients are Mexican, Asian, black ...

Deafening noise alert: Lower the volume on your device before you play the recording

APRIL 20th, 2021

SIFI Time Let’s Get Into This!

The website DOES NOT EXIST !
Suspiciously the site has been taken down just before the "90-day challenge - money back guarantee" ends. Customers who want their money back will find it hard to get customer service.

Note that the name Tony Marcano (related to SIFI stocks or options trading) is disappearing from the internet.
Anthony now shows up on social media under "SIFI Stocks" profiles and does not mention his name in his videos anymore.


On the occasion of the upcoming Day of the Dead 2021, we'd like to announce the "SIFI Stocks Options Boot Camp" program as DEAD, may it R.I.P. 
It has joined the glorious list of Anthony's failed projects

sifi stocks options bootcamp program is actually dead
anthony monfet "dressed up" as tony marcano

Unsurprisingly, Anthony, "dressed up" as a millionaire named Tony Marcano has disappeared. He has not shown his face on TikTok for over a month. His other social media channels are inactive.
He's systematically removing the name Marcano from the web, and now he's just Tony or Tony M.


The landing page was taken down as early as April 2021

The YouTube channel name has changed from SIFI Stocks to Tony M

He changed the logo from SIFI STOCKS to SIFI TIME, and the project name to "SIFI Time Let’s Get Into This!"

The link in his bio for joining sifitime's discord directs to a random page

Anthony deleted all the information visible online about him and about his failed ventures: TikTok account, Twitter accounts, Sifi Stoks' FB page, Instagram, YouTube channel and more ...  Of course he also cleaned his bio in all his private social media accounts. 

This site remains the only place that documents his resume as he presented it over the years between 2015 and early 2022.


At the same time, we get emails from people who have been scammed by Anthony, saying they're sorry they didn't come across our site before they paid him.

As always,
Be sure to checkout the info today, as it may disapperar tomorrow...