Anthony Monfet

the ecommerce predator from Alabama


That was an overview of Anthony's story. You can go ahead and make your own in-depth research.
Try searching for his name next to keywords such as: swindler, con man, fraudster, scam artist, deceiver, ecommerce predator, con artist, cheat, defrauder, scammer and other synonyms for fraud.

Use keywords that may relate to his addresses: Huntsville, Madison Alabama, New Jersey 

Look for lawsuits and judgments on official sites of the United States government or specific states (such as: New Jersey, Alabama). You can use Just One Look to purchase an up-to-date list of Alabama state trial court records. 

Check out his social media, the videos that no longer exist on his Pinterest board. Take a look at his LinkedIn profile, especially at the links to his personal websites. We wouldn't be surprised if those links were suddenly changed or if some of his social media accounts have disappeared.

The year 2019 was pretty calm. He's kind of disappeared from the online space.
He recently seems to be trying to get back. He's changing his Linkedin profile frequently, trying to brand himself as a senior manager.  On AUG-2019 he presented himself as a senior director business development at Twitter. As for FEB-2020 he revised his entire Linkedin resume, now showing as Director Of Business Development at Rakuten. (see Fake Profiles).

He uses online reputation management company to brand himself, and especially to clean up the negative information about him on the Internet. Watch the video on the website's homepage to see the services it provides.
He uses SEO services to promote his new LinkedIn profile to the top of search results and to push the negative information to the back pages.

We would like to believe he is trying to turn over a new leaf and be decent from now on, but he has not yet shown a willingness to pay the debts he owes to so many people.

We don't know what he's currently up to, or when he's going to come up with a new enticing business proposition.
We hope you came across our site before making any payment to him, but if you already did - we hope you only paid with PayPal.

As expected he started a new project: Options Boot Camp (SIFI Stocks), branding himself as Tony Marcano.

Here's the start of a new story...