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SIFI Stocks


Here are some changes that have been made to sifistocks'  landing page since its launch in October 2020

Mid April 2021 DOES NOT EXIST !
Sifi Stocks' TikTok account shows that they now have a new disclaimer. The link in the bio refers to a Word document in Google Docs. The website link previously published in the bio has been replaced with the text: SIFI Time Let’s Get Into This!

Four days after we posted it here - the disclaimer link does not exist on that TikTok account 


SIFIstocks updated terms. The LLC has been removed

This screenshot was taken in February 2021. You can see that the terms & conditions have been updated. Update date remained the same.  LLC was removed. That explains the bizarre sentence in the disclaimer : " is a wholly-owned by".

SIFIstocks, LLC - terms & conditions

This screenshot was taken in December 2020. It shows the terms & conditions. Update date is 25 October 2020.

SIFIstocks is displayed as, LLC (although there's no such registred LLC). 


In early January 2021 Tony Marcano Monfet began flooding the web with press releases saying : SIFI Stocks helping people gain financial independence with their options trading course. Would you buy a course from someone who steals his content from someone else? He's too lazy to create his own fresh content, and has no integrity to give credit to the owner.

Tony Marcano presents copyright infringement on his Youtube channel - SIFI Stocks

This is a screenshot of a video from Tony Marcano's YouTube channel. We don't put a link to this video since we don't want to drive traffic to his channel. You can do your research to find it. 
This video is copied from Options Trading Basics EXPLAINED (For Beginners) , first uploaded on Apr 24,2018 by projectoption. He had the audacity to copy this video twice, while the title given to the second video ("options 101") is also copied from the original video.
In this video, "Tony" is playing the original on mute, and puts over his own voice. 

The blue arrows in this image indicate the fraud:
1. This is the title of the original video, played in Tony's "show". See this same title under Tony's video.
2. The finger icon shows fast forward by Tony.
3. The original video audio is on mute.

4. While fast forwarding, the next frame pops up. Watch the original video (second: 14) to see that same frame.
5. Tony's name and channel name are shown below.

(Click the images to enlarge).

Note he does not credit the video owner.


This is a screenshot of a video from projectoption's YouTube channel : Options Trading Basics EXPLAINED (For Beginners) , uploaded on Apr 24,2018. We highly recommend that you watch and listen to the original video where the speaker speaks fluently, rather than hear Tony's stuttering speech, repeating the words "Okay?" and "You know" a thousand times. You will definitely learn a lot more from this one. 



In October 2020 Anthony Monfet impersonating as Tony Marcano, started a new project: Options Boot Camp. 
We posted here an alert on Christmas eve 2020. We predicted that info would disappear and we started count down until that happend. We were surprised !! It happened immediately.
On that same day his website has changed. The logo has been replaced. His Linkedin profile was removed. He opened a new one for the thousandth time. The intro videos on his Youtube channel no longer exist. 

The images below show the changes of the site and logos. 

Click the images to enlarge

Sifistocks website original landing page. Tony Marcano presents Options Boot Camp - original landing page and logo

Sifistocks website edited landing page. Tony Marcano presents Options Boot Camp - landing page, edited on DEC-25 

Tony's Options Boot Camp Intro video was removed as well as the illustrations. The logo has changed. Terms & conditions at the bottom became Terms. No conditions ?  :)


This screenshot is already out of date .We apologize in advance for not being able to keep up.

SIFIStocks TikTok video showing original logo vs. new

TikTok. Note the original logo is shown in the video whereas the account logo is the new one.

SIFI Stocks original vs. new logo

Original logo (left) vs. new logo (right)

Contact Us Page - SIFI Stocks. Email address - Customer support email:

Contact Us Page - SIFI Stocks. Email address has changed to - Customer support email changed to