Anthony Roland Monfet

Some people call him scammer.

Anthony was an esteemed instructor on udemy.com who taught courses with valuable content and lots of live webinars. But then something's changed...

Since 2016, his life is like a wind. He's passing through projects at wind speed leaving ruins behind, so he often changes addresses and phone numbers, and tries to make sure the information about him is gone with the wind.

They say that one picture is worth more than a thousand words. So we've put together some featured images
Be sure to check the information today, as it may disappear tomorrow.


Chronicle of Deception

UDEMY (2014-2015)

Anthony Monfet was an instructor on udemy.com between the years 2014-2018. At first he was a valued instructor who created courses with a lot of content and hosted many live webinars. But since 2016, things began to go wrong.

Udemy course private label products create brands and sell with amazon FBA, by anthony monfet

FBA Importer AKA Aok Products (2016 - 2018)

Anthony made an announcement on Udemy, offering his students, who wanted to be successful Amazon FBA sellers, the MAP consulting program. It sold for between $20,000 - $25,000. 
The program included a certain amount of consulting hours, a service of importing from China , a service of writing a product listing on Amazon and uploading the product to Amazon FBA. He offered this program through his company FBA importer that was later changed to Aok Products.
After a few consulting hours he stopped answering emails or phone calls. Needless to say he did not provide the full service he promised. He ended up with lawsuits and scam complaints online. 

anthony monfet president of FBA importer company also known as AOK products

UDEMY (2018)

Despite the complaints, abuse reports on Udemy and lawsuits, he published a new announcement on Udemy and his Facebook group.
"Yes, you heard me right, free consulting". Free Free Free...
This time, he cut off contact as soon as he got paid.

After more and more abuse reports, Udemy finally banned his account and removed his courses from their catalog.

Tip: If it sounds too good to be true, then IT IS too good to be true

Notice: He uses his personal email (gmail.com), not a domain-based email. Why? Because he doesn't own any

Anthony Monfet announces free consulting program on Udemy.com


During 2018, Anthony tried to develop new revenue streams, having lost his major revenue source from Udemy.

He came up with a new course on this old and used topic of selling used books.  
For a while, he offered a course named "sell used books on Amazon" for the incredible price of $995.
He used two different sub domains for selling this course: revenuemonsters.thinkific.com and anthony-monfet.thinkific.com. Both were soon shut down.

He also tried to promote this course on Pinterest  but  the videos have disappeared...
Check out his pinterest board. Try to click the pins to see that those videos are no longer available.


At the same time he tried a real estate business for a short period. He uploaded a new website: webuyhuntsvillehouses.com that have soon vanished, like all his other projects.