Anthony Monfet

the con artist from Alabama

Fake Profiles

Personal details 

Anthony tends to provide fake information about himself. He often changes his name, residence address, phone number, email address, and most importantly his Linkedin resume.

We found over the web different variations of his name. Here is a partial list :
Anthony Moffett, Anthony R Monfet, Anthony Roland Monfet, Anthony P Monfet, Anthony Monfret, Anthony MonetTony Monfet.

As of October 2020 he shows up with a new name: Tony Marcano.

You can search websites like or to get more information. These sites sell reports but the free information is sufficient to get an idea of the man.



The image of a successful businessman

Anthony presents an image of an entrepreneur who has established and successfully ran several different types of businesses, so how come he has no official website? The questions arise: Doesn't he have the money to buy a domain and storage services?

Would you do business with a businessman who doesn't even have his own website?

He posts our website name (the site you are currently visiting) as his alleged personal website on social media, press releases and LinkedIn, but he does not own it. Nevertheless when he comes to offer his consulting services he prefers to post his gmail address -, rather than a domain-based email. Does it look like an image of serious professional businessman?

Linkedin profile

Anthony's Linkedin profile is the most fascinating episode. Be sure to check it out as soon as you can, because tommorow you might view totally other version of his "resume". We're trying to document those changes using screenshots. The following screenshots are worth more than 1000 words. Click the images to enlarge.



On August 2019 he posted a new title. The following 3 screenshots were taken from in early SEP-2019, right after he posted his new "job" as a senior director business development at Twitter. They show Anthony's long experience. (click the image to enlarge).

anthony monfet linkedin experience as published on august 2019

Since February 2020 his resume shrunk. This screenshot was taken from towards the end of Feb-2020

Pay attention: senior director business development at Twitter was replaced by director of business development at Rakuten, start date changed to 2015. The significant parts of Udemy and Amazon - where this whole fraud started - are gone, along with other titles (no worry, we'll find them right away  :-) ).

See how dates and locations have been changed

anthony monfet linkedin experience as published on february 2020

Below are two sample screenshots of his "past" as a senior director business development. The left one is a screenshot of a comment on Linkedin, commented as senior director at Twitter. The right one is a screenshot of search results on various search engines, still showing his previous title. 

Anthony Monfet commented on Linkedin as senior director business development at Twitter
Search results on Bing an Yahoo show anthony monfet as senior director business development at Twitter


Anthony monfet - Linkedin projects - Amazon and Udemy

Job title & contact info

The link to our website is removed. (try to click the other one, see what you get...  :-) ).
You can also see the different titles. (Twitter vs. Rakuten).

Anthony Monfet Linkedin contact info shoes differences in personal website link

The number of connections dropped within 12 days. Is it just a coincidence?

Anthony Monfet Linkedin number of connections dropped within 12 days since february 26, 2020
Anthony Monfet - LinkedIn profile is no longer public or does not exist

Dates and locations are an intersting info to trace. As you'll see right away there is no match between locations posted on Linkedin and locations he previously published in press releases and Twitter accounts.  The same goes for dates and job titles.